The Act entitled: “Lifelong Learning Programs of the Human Resources of the Church -Development of Open Online Courses”

IPE implements from November 2020 to September 2023 the Act “Programs Lifelong Learning of the Human Resources of the Church – Development of Open Internet Of Courses “with OPS Code 5073422 in the Operational Program” Human Development Resources, Education and Lifelong Learning 2014-2020 “.

This act implements 140 training programs addressed to clergy, laity, associates and Church volunteers and of its bodies, but also in human resources of non-ecclesiastical bodies and social welfare services (3,000 entries) in 20 topics.
They were designed based on research that detects needs based on more than 4,500 program evaluation sheets (anonymous questionnaires) where they were recorded statistically and the pastoral – training needs and the relevant proposals from the clergy and laity of the Church were fully highlighted, but also of the human resources of other bodies.

The 20 thematic training units are:

  1. Worship and culture in modern life (Liturgical – Ritual)
  2. Consulting on current issues (Confession)
  3. Canon – ecclesiastical law: extensions and application in the modern way of life
  4. Ecumenical Councils and modern reality
  5. The aesthetics of worship
  6. Pedagogical use of biblical texts
  7. Contemporary problems and cutting-edge issues from the perspective of the Church Fathers
  8. Organization and administration of the parish – offering to the people
  9. Training of new church executives and volunteers on top issues (Candidates – new clergy and lay executives)
  10. Theory of organization and development of the ecclesiastical mission
  11. The saints of Athens. Faces and cultural monuments of the ecclesiastical history of Athens and their messages to modern society
  12. Individual and the environment in the perspective of a green universe
  13. Vulnerable social groups and the Church
  14. The impact and effects of technology on modern individual
  15. Aspects of the Greek revolution of 1821
  16. Islamic panorama: World, Europe, Greece from the beginning until today
  17. Holocausts and anti-Semitism
  18. Training of expert singers and traditional musicians
  19. Deepening in Byzantine and traditional music
  20. Greek and European musical culture with emphasis on church music.

The programs are implemented with face to face and distance education, while a modern system is created to support remote programs and asynchronous distance learning, an online moodle platform, exclusively for the needs of IPE, which hosts all the thematic units and a lavish original multimedia educational material.

The programs are offered to the trainees in three ways:

(a) in the form of face-to-face education implemented through the Holy Dioceses,
(b) in the form of remote education through an electronic platform,
(c) in the form of asynchronous distance education through an electronic platform.

This project gives a new dimension to the field of lifelong learning of the Church. IPE as the official Centre of Lifelong Learning of the Church (Law 4763/2020) offers the option to its executives to be trained for free through a lavish thematic list of programs and with whatever form of education they choose based on their desire, their ability, their access, and their available time.

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